Baby Connor Stevens – Newborn Portrait

Connor was only 13 weeks old when his parents contacted us and wanted us to do a newborn portrait of him. We were still in the winter period in Perth and thus it was quickly decided that the portrait session was best done at the comfort of his own house.

KC and I arrived at the Stevens home in the morning, and we were glad we were getting plenty of winter sunlight. Perfect for either an indoor or outdoor shoot. After a quick chat with the Stevens, we decided to stay indoor and use as much ambience lighting (with a little help from the ceiling lights).

It was a pleasant shoot as Connor was quite happy to let us shoot him for most of the time. Only when we decided to take him off his comfortable jumpsuit for some natural shoot that he started complaining – probably due to the cold winter air. A brilliant idea of placing a heater near him soon settled him.

Here are some of the photos we took of him that day…