Photography and Children – Capturing them in their natural selves

Children make great subjects and are often fun to photograph as they have myriad expressions, emotions and energy. They have the ability to live in the moment, to laugh and to play. We love capturing the unexpected fleeting moments and priceless memories that the children so often bring.

Best Friends

We usually shoot on location. Sometimes the location is a playground, a local park, a garden, the beach, or simply their homes. We like to shoot mainly with natural ambient light; we do use portable lighting to fill in when necessary.

Confetti picking

A child photography session usually last an hour or more. We like to encourage parents of young children to let their children have fun during the shoot. This often means that we try to let their children be as comfortable, relaxed and happy as much as possible.

Swinging fun

We also like to interact and communicate with the children as this will allow us to capture their fun-loving and often playful and expressive spirit without having to prompt to smile at the camera or say ‘cheese‘ all the time. We like to capture their natural self rather than posing to too much to create uneasy, uptight and often overly serious looks on their faces.

marching kids

Great smile

Staring right back

Children can give the most genuine and natural images. Their images so often bring smiles to their parents and photographers alike. We absolutely love to photography children. Thank you little ones for letting us shoot you.