Allison and Danny’s Wedding : Happy Together

It’s not often that you see the groom having so much fun with the bouquet, but that was definitely the case at Allison and Danny’s wedding, which was held at the Burswood Golf Course – which would explain the golf cart! It was a fine setting for a splendid occasion.

We got to cover both the bride and the groom’s pre-ceremony preparation, which resulted in plenty of candid moments, some poignant, some light-hearted, and some, timeless.

It was an elegant ceremony, with the bride in a simple, deep-ruby gown matching the rose petals leading her up the red carpet to her groom. Though emotions were running high as expected, it was the laughter that was most memorable. From the dressing room, down the red carpet, and all the way around the golf course, there were guffaws and giggles aplenty.

The openness of the location presented a little bit of a challenge owing to the cloudiness of the day. The lighting started to change dramatically when we reached the signing and ring exchange ‘milestone’ of the day. Uneven sprays of the evening sun and shade provided many opportunities for some creativity.

The photography highlight of the day however, had to be the group photo. We led everyone around the green (no high heels allowed) to one of the hills on the course for this very important shot. The flower girls, who by then had ‘reloaded’ their baskets, flung rose petals in the air as the cameras went shutter crazy! The moment, lighting, and everyone’s positioning was perfect at this moment, and we got some fabulous takes.

If there was any anxiety left at this point, it certainly would have disappeared after the bride and groom hopped into the golf buggy and “drove off” into the sunset!

We see a lot of weddings as photographers who specialise in this business, but these are always the moments that remind us all over again, that each wedding is different because people are so different, and it’s the range of emotion unique to each couple and their loved ones, that is priceless.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day, Allison and Danny.