Glenn and Kim’s Wedding – An impromptu Wedding Shoot at Araluen

I was spending some quality time at the Araluen Botanic Park with my family yesterday when I bumped into a bridal couple and their entourage.

Perhaps it was a case of "Occupational passion", when I saw a bridal couple, I couldn’t help myself and started snapping some shots.  Even though I did not have my full camera gear with me, I had a camera with a handy zoom lens on it. It gave me an opportunity to snap a few quick shots from a distance without disturbing the bridal party. The wedding photographer of that bridal party saw me snapping and joked that the bridal couple might even buy some shots from me. I politely smiled at her and moved off to a reasonable distant to get out of their way so that I would not disturb their shoot.  I also began to realise that many visitors at the park also started gathering around the bridal party and taking photos of the bridal couple.  It was definitely an interesting scene to behold.

After having gone through the photos I took of them, I thought many turned up quite alright and I am happy to add them to my portfolio. Amazingly, that brief snaps became and unofficial wedding shoot for me, albeit a very very short one. I still can’t believe my "luck".

Starting on the Marriage Path

When I first bumped into the bridal couple, they were walking down on a path towards me.

Posing for the formal shots…. I took these following shots from quite a distance. Thanks to my handy 70-200 zoom lens. The shots came out great!

The formal shots

Wedding in a garden

Say Cheese

The photographer on the left is the official photographer. The lady on the right was just a friend from the bridal party.

A shot of the beautiful bride by herself

The bridal couple had 3 flower girls. The youngest was the cutest.
Cute Flowergirl

He loves me, he loves me not....

Flower Girls

This flower girl was waiting patiently by her dad.

While her dad also struck a pose worthy of a shot…

Well, I had so much fun doing this shot. The bridal couple didn’t seem to mind all the attention they were getting from me and other visitors. I guess I was simply at the right place and at the right time.

update: Just found out from a friend’s Facebook page that the groom’s name is Glenn and the bride’s name is Kim.

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  1. I just found out that a friend of mine actually attended their wedding. The groom's name is Glenn and the Bride, Kim.So I should really title this "Glenn and Kim's Wedding" huh!

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