Liza & Phil’s beautiful spring wedding in Perth

Liza and Phil are from Queensland. Phil was originally from Perth but has moved to Queensland for work. They decided to return and have their wedding ceremony in Perth as Phil’s parents are still residing here in Perth.

Their wedding day was just a couple of weeks ago. The weather was simply beautiful eventhough it was forecasted to rain on that day. Charlene and I had such a good time capturing beautiful images through the entire wedding. Charlene shot as my assistant and she did a marvellous job (Thanks Charlene)!

Liza and Phil were just so sporting, they posed and acted up for us and had quite a bit of fun in front of the camera. Everything about the wedding was just so beautiful. There was never shot of beautiful and exquisite things to shoot, be it Liza’s breath-taking gown or the small but interesting church. Here are, but a small sample of images we captured on that beautiful October Saturday:

Liza and Phil's Wedding - Exquisite bride's shoes

Liza and Phil's Wedding - What a gorgeous dress

What a gorgeous dress Liza wore.

Liza and Phil's Wedding - The Bride

The elegant and engaging bride.

Liza and Phil's Wedding - The Flowergirls

The flower girls were so adorable, cute and absolutely love taking photos. They were definitely one of the cutest and photogenic flowergirls I have ever shot. They also happened to be Phil’s daughters.

While the ladies were getting prepared, the boys were having some fun themselves getting ready for the day too…
Liza and Phil's Wedding - The Boys

The wedding service was held inside a small church which had really little available lighting inside. It did present some challenges to us in terms of freedom to move around and harnessing the available light. However, it also gave us plenty of opportunities to create some interesting images.
Liza and Phil's Wedding - The Holy Matrimony

After the service, it was all fun and games – we proceeded to do some bridal portraits after a light-hearted session with group photos.

Liza and Phil's Wedding - Dancing beside the Limo

Liza and Phil's Wedding - The happy couple

A wedding shoot is never complete without some romantic kissing photos:
Liza and Phil's Wedding - The Kiss

Liza and Phil's Wedding - Love to the end of time

From the time we shared with Liza and Phil, Charlene and I were able to witness the love they have between them – the love that will last forever till the end of time.

Liza and Phil, we wish you the very best to your marriage and your lives together. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding day with us. We were honoured to be your photographers.


Oh, one last thing before I end this post… Phil requested some photos of him and his “pride and joy” – an imported American Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. For those readers who are not familiar with this car – a modified black 1982 Firebird Trans Am appeared in the television series Knight Rider. This car is definitely one of the best sports car in the 1980s.
Liza and Phil's Wedding - The TransAm - Phil's pride and joy

I processed this image of Phil and his red sports car to give it a “Sin City” feel. Well, what do you guys think? 🙂