Kim and Eric’s beautiful summer wedding in Perth

Kim and Eric's Wedding-4
Kim and Eric were married at the Harolds Boaz Gardens two Sundays ago. I attended their wedding ceremony as a guest and not as a wedding photographer. However, Eric did invite me to bring my gears along and I managed to sneak some shots while trying my best not to interfere with the official photographer.

I knew Eric for a number of years now. He used to work for an ex-colleague of mine before going over to work in the same firm as I. Eric and I had a great brotherly relationship. I often call him my “little brother” whilst he will reply by addressing me casually as “big brother”. We not only “bonded” on work related things, we are also competitive when it comes down to sports. We used to play squash together after work with a couple of work mates. I have also recently joined him and a group of tennis crazy mates in a game or two after work.

I came to know Kim through Eric – naturally. However, fate had it that I also came to know Kim’s brother when he joined our firm. You can say that this is a wedding I have been waiting for a while. I had always “pastered” Eric to marry the beautiful and extremely smart Kim as I see that they are made for each other.

I am so glad to be part of this wedding, to be a witness and to share the joy and happiness with them.

Here are some shots I took from the weddings:
Kim and Eric's Wedding-6

Kim and Eric's Wedding-7

Kim and Eric's Wedding-8

Kim and Eric's Wedding-9

Kim and Eric's Wedding-15

Kim and Eric's Wedding-16

It was such a beautiful ceremony. We witnessed the love and joy between the newly wed. I was very touched by them when they exchanged their vows. The entire day was just magical.

Congratulations Kim and Eric! You guys are just so perfect for each other.

ps. Great choice for hiring this limo. It was indeed a classic!
Kim and Eric's Wedding-20