Life as a wedding photographer

Wedding photography is often seen as one of the most glamorous jobs in the line of photography. Yes indeed, it has its perks. We get to shoot beautiful people at beautiful locations. We get to witness the joining of hearts and to share in the joy and fun at wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Yes, Wedding photography is about glamour, fashion, having lots of fun and having a good time.

I just love this job!

Here are some of the snapshots of us at work just to tease you, my readers:

Photographer at Work

Charlene shooting a beautiful couple during a magical and awesome sunset

Photographer at work

Here, I was being shot by other photographer while I was doing a portrait with the bridal couple.

Yea, there are the other side of the stories as well. Being a wedding photographer means I have to acquire many skills. Wedding photography is not just about shooting the bridal couples and their families. It is also about how to communicate with people, directing the shoots, participating in the itinerary of the day and finally, packaging the images into beautiful photo stories for the bridal couple to cherish. It is a multi-faceted job. It is hardwork, but ultimately, rewarding.

My passion for photography, especially wedding photography, has never ceased to grow. I am just so glad that I have found a job that I absolutely love.