Wedding: Serene and Benny – a fabulous spring wedding in Perth

Serene is a long time good friend of mine. I got to know Serene when she came to Perth from Malaysia to study at University of Western Australia (UWA). We have known each other for more than 10 years. Wow, how time flies….

Benny is a good friend of my other friend, Peter. In fact Benny was Peter’s best man. I came to know Benny then as I was the wedding photographer for Peter. What a small world huh. I would never have dreamed that after 1 year and a half, Peter and Benny would swap roles. Benny became the groom while Peter, his best man, and I, still the wedding photographer.

The wedding was held on the first day of November, a beautiful day. The weather was perfect.

We started off early in the morning. Benny, Peter and another groomsman, Joseph started their day at Benny’s place getting prepared while I was with Serene doing some prep shoot.

Benny and his entourage of eager boys got ready before setting of to “pick up the bride”.
Serene and Benny's Wedding- Benny and his troops

It is a Chinese tradition for the groom to “fetch” the bride from her home to the place where the wedding ceremony is to be held. Fetching the bride was a non-trival process. Obstacles were placed by Serene’s sisters and girlfriends to stop the boys from entering the house until Benny and his troops passed a series of tests. This practice is also commonly called the “door crashing”.

Serene and Benny's Wedding - "Door Crashing" negotiation

Serene and Benny's Wedding - Door Crashing

(You can read more about the “Fetching the Bride” practice here.)

Serene and Benny's Wedding

Serene and Benny's Wedding-Getting to the bride

Serene and Benny's Wedding-1-12

Serene and Benny's Wedding-Putting on veil

Serene and Benny's Wedding - Tea Ceremony

Serene and Benny's Wedding-1-8

Serene and Benny's Wedding-1-9

Serene and Benny's Wedding- Romance

Serene and Benny's Wedding - Truly a Princess

Serene and Benny's Wedding-3

(You can view more photos by following this link.)

Congratulations to your both. You make such a wonderful pair. Thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer. It was such a great pleasure to be part of your wedding.