Wedding Albums and Photobooks

Many of our clients are interested to know what kind of albums we provide in our wedding packages.

The albums we offer are magazine style albums or sometimes referred as flush mount albums. Magazine style wedding albums are simply a style of digital photo album. The term ‘magazine style’ is a term for the style of digital layout used. The albums are constructed of hard bound covers and rigid pages consisting of photo prints dry mounted on card. The flush mount albums do not have matted pages such as those found in traditional wedding albums and can almost be described as a cross between photo albums and a coffee table books.

Photobooks, often also called coffee table books, on the other hand consist of pages designed in the ‘magazine style’. However the photobook wedding albums are different from those of the flush mount albums in the quality of the pages. Photobook pages are thinner and resemble those found in conventional coffee table books rather than typical photo albums.

We have packages that offer either Magazine style photo albums and Photobooks. Below is a list of different wedding albums and photobooks we currently offer….

1. 11″ x 14″ Premium albums

These are the biggest albums that we currently offer. They are great for couples who like having large portrait or landscape photos.

Sample Albums-5

Sample Albums-6

Sample Albums-7

Sample Albums-9

Sample Albums-11

2. 12″ x 12″ (Square) Premium Albums

Square albums are great for wedding albums. They retain the feel of classical wedding albums.

Sample Albums-1

Sample Albums-4

Sample Albums-2

3. Premium Photobooks

Sometimes also being referred as Coffee table books, these premium photobooks come in A3 and A4 sizes, in both square and landscape format. These photobooks are highly affordable but retain the high quality expected by newly weds.

Illustrated below is a square A4 size photobook with the an additional dust cover.

Sample Albums-13

Sample Albums-14

Sample Albums-15

For more information about the wedding albums or photobooks, please contact Autumnleaf Photography.

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