A photograph is the imprint of a moment to treasure, reflect upon, and savour, and these are the qualities that Autumnleaf Photography strives to produce in its images.

Photography has always been our passion; capturing the fleeting, precious instant in events brings us great joy and satisfaction. Our photography is more than just capturing people in standard poses. It is about recording the special moments significant to each individual, and preserving the memories that can be enjoyed for years to come.

We are utterly passionate about documenting the most significant moments of your life. We love capturing images at weddings, and family portraits, couples and individual. We also enjoy capturing special events such as graduation or birth of a new born.

By choosing us to document your memories means that you get professional, personalised service, and the best images to help you remember your day.

Our Style

We prefer to dedicate a team of at least 2 photographers to capture a variety of perspectives. Our journalistic style delivers candidness and emotion in the images we produce, as blending into the crowd allows us to attain natural results, showcasing the intimacy between people.


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Our Work

Samples of our work can be found in our online photo album. Click here to view

Pricing and Packages

We offer different packages. Please contact us for details.