Xanthe’s Infant Baptism

A friend of mine from work asked me to shoot her daughter’s baptism. I was thrilled to be asked as I had been wanting to shoot Xanthe for a while but never quite find the opportunity to do so. Xanthe was so adorable during the entire service, and I was pleasantly surprised how she was able to hold up so well throughout the baptism service albeit it was actually time for a nap for her.

I was happy to be able to capture some key moments during the baptism and here are some photos to share.

Xanthe Infant Baptism-010.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-009.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-008.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-007.jpg

Xanthe's Infant Baptism

Xanthe Infant Baptism-005.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-004.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-003.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-002.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-001.jpg

Cate’s Christening

Baby Cate was recently baptised at a local church. The service was held specially for her Christening and baptism. I was there to capture the beautiful service and here are some of the images of that day:

Cate Infant Baptism - Family Portriat

Cate Infant Baptism - Mother and Daughter

Cate Infant Baptism - Father and daughter

Cate Infant Baptism - Sisters

Cate Infant Baptism - Baby Cate

Cate Infant Baptism - Baptism 1

Cate Infant Baptism - Baptism 2

Cate Infant Baptism - Baptism 3

It was a definitely a joy to witness this precious and happy occasion. My prayer for Cate is that she will grow up to be a fine young and beautiful lady. May the God bless her and her family always.