Pre-Wedding: Laura & Elvis

On a late afternoon a few days before Laura & El’s wedding day in May, we took the couple to East Perth to do a pre-wedding session. With the sun setting against the cloudy sky, the ambient could not have been more romantic!

Laura & Elvis - Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis - Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

Laura & Elvis Pre-Wedding

We will be putting up some photos of Laura & El’s gorgeous wedding photos soon.

Laura & El, once again, congratulations to your matrimony. We had so much fun on the pre-wedding session and on your wedding day. You are absolutely fabulous!

Engagement: Valerie & Alex

Valerie and Alex are getting married in Singapore later this year. We did an engagement session with them around some locations in Perth in April. The shoot was lots of fun as the couple quickly warmed up and relaxed in front of the cameras.

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex - At WoolStore Warehouse

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Velerie & Alex - At the Red Gate

Valerie & Alex - At Freo Warf

Valerie & Alex's e-Session

Valerie & Alex, we wish you the very best on your wedding day and your new life together as a married couple.

Lastly, a special thanks to my friend David Pang for assisting me on this shoot.

Pre-Wedding: Frances and Bradley

When I first met Frances and Bradley to go through their wedding day itinerary in a cafe at Kings Park, it was not too hard to see that they were totally in love. It was in their eyes, their smiles and every little things they did. The chat at Kings Park was followed by a Pre-Wedding portrait session. The two were just inseparable and were full of fun!

Here are some of the images from that pre-wedding session:

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding- Portrait

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-1

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-2

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-5

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-6

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-4

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-3

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-9

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-10

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-11

Frances & Bradley - Pre Wedding-12

Pre-Wedding – Kelly and David

Two days ago, Charlene and I met up with Kelly and David to go through their wedding day details as their wedding is approaching in about 2 weeks time. We met at South Perth waterfront, and after the short meeting over coffee and drinks, we did a pre-wedding shoot with the lovely couple.

Kelly and David were shy initially as they reckoned they were not good at posing for the camera. Assurance was given that the pre-wedding was going to be a casual and fun affair, they quickly warmed up to the idea, started to relax and “became themselves” again.

It is not hard to see from the images below that the couple are so totally in love. All of us had great fun during the photo shoot.

Here are some of the images I really like from the session:

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 1

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 2

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 4

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 6

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 7

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 8

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 10

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 14

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 13

Kelly &amp ;David Pre Wed 15

Kelly and David, we look forward to your wedding day with great excitement. We know your special day with be magical and fun!

Pre-Wedding – Debbie and Darren

Debbie and Darren are getting married next month. They were keen to have some pre-wedding photos taken, so we did a pre-wedding photo session with the lovely couple two Saturdays ago at the Yanchep beach lagoon.

It was nearly sunset by the time we were at the beach for the shoot and we were able to capture some romantic and fun images of the couple.

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 1

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 2

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 3

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 4

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 5

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 6

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 7

Debbie &amp ;Darren Pre Wed 8

Engagement – Catherine and Simon

Catherine and Simon wanted some photos taken for them to use on their wedding day. It also gave them the opportunity to have some portrait photos of themselves to celebrate their engagement.

Two weeks ago, we spent a couple of hours in the afternoon in the Perth CBD and Kings Park with the couple for the portrait session. It was all fun and we yielded some fabulous images. Here are some of the images that we really like:

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-1

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-2

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-6

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-7

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-3

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-4

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-5

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-8

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-9

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-10

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-11

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-12

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-13

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-14

Catherine and Simon - Engagement-16

Sankari and Jeff’s Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sankari and Jeff are a fun loving couple. Sankari, a gorgeous Indian lady who could easily pass off as a beautiful Indian princess, and Jeff, a typical Aussie bloke with a wicket wit, are so different and yet so similar in many ways. Both of them are smart and have great sense of humour. Both love dressing up and dance, and from my many conversations with them, I have also learnt that both have similar tastes in many finer things in life, from food to outlook in life.

The pre-wedding shoot was such a fun and exciting affair for me and Charlene. Sankari and Jeff were gamed to do whatever we requested. They danced for us, chased each other around trees in a park, and even showed us the bridal waltz steps that they planned to do on their first dance. We also got them to pretend we were doing a Bollywood movie shoot. It was just so funny to watch Jeff clowning himself and mimicking a Bollywood style romantic scene chasing after his lover.

Here are just some of the fabulous shots we were able to capture:

Sankari and Jeff Pre Wedding-3

Sankari and Jeff Pre Wedding-2

Sankari and Jeff Pre Wedding-11

Sankari and Jeff Pre Wedding-10

Sankari and Jeff Pre Wedding-7

Sankari and Jeff Pre Wedding-6

Sankari and Jeff Pre Wedding-9

Sankari and Jeff, thanks for being so sporting.

Melita and Brett’s Engagement shoot at Kings Park

It was a beautiful summer evening when we did Melita and Brett’s engagement shoot at Kings Park. It was just a few days before Christmas. We had a good run with the weather for this particular shoot. First of all, it was before the Perth typical summer heat wave really hit, and secondly, the on-off rain on that day cleared just as we began the shoot in the late afternoon.

We talk a lot about the weather here, but it’s a pivotal element which defines how each photographer shoots on the day. On this particular day, the diffused, post-rain evening glow allowed us to produce images like this:

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

That, and how game our couple was. Melita was a natural in front of the camera, with Brett happily playing along in front of the camera 😉

Brett proposed to Melita at Kings Park, so it was a natural choice for this shoot.

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

We asked Brett to recreate the proposal at the same spot where it occurred. We also learnt that Brett did not kneel down and propose formally, so we had him do it again in front of the camera:

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

… and Melita made sure to examine the ring properly, this time around!

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Flipping a coin into the wishing well:

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Ahhh the romance between them is so very evident.

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

Melita and Brett - Engagement

An Autumnleaf Photography production

Yvette and Shane’s Pre-Wedding Shoot

It was only a couple of months ago when a friend of mine, Seng Mah, whom I have gotten to know through a photography community called Photographers in Perth or PIP for short (ironically, this is such an uncreative name for the community – ha ha), asked if I would be interested to shoot a wedding for someone he knew through his photography work. You see, Seng had embarked on a photographic journey of doing niche and special subjects. It was his well-acknowledged project “Sons of Beaches” where he came to know Shane. Shane is a part-time surf-lifesaver and one of many people Seng photographed for his project.

It was some coincidence that Seng had planned for a trip overseas and was not able to do the wedding shoot for Shane and his fiancee, Yvette. Seng asked if I was interested to do the wedding shoot and I jumped at the opportunity.

Fast-forward a few months later, here I am, just having done a pre-wedding shoot with Yvette and Shane. It was a casual but fun affair. Together with my trusty assistant photographer Charlene, we spent a couple of hours with Yvette and Shane visiting the various locations where the wedding would be held and photos taken. Yvette and Shane were a fun couple to work with. Never short of jokes or funny suggestions for their big day, we were participating in non stop laughters and dishing out various funny ideas to Shane and Yvette. The whole pre-wedding shoot was such good fun.

Here are some of the images we took at the pre-wedding:

Yvette and Shane - Pre Wedding - St Mary's Church

Yvette and Shane - Pre Wedding

Yvette and Shane tried balancing and walking along the roots of a huge fig tree.

Yvette and Shane - Pre Wedding

Yvette and Shane found this gorgeous boat shed and jetty area along Matilda Bay. It has a lot of character. We reckon this is going to be a much beter place to shoot compared to the shoot-to-death Crawley Boatshed near UWA. Charlene and I are already throwing up ideas what we are going to do here…

There is also this huge staircase at the Ocean Beach Hotel at Cottesloe where Yvette and Shane will be having their reception. The lighting is just so perfect. Here is a shot of the gorgeous couple at the stair case.
Yvette and Shane - Pre Wedding

Yvette and Shane - Pre Wedding

Finally, the fashionable bride-to-be posed for me at the staircase. Isn’t the lighting superb!

I think the soon coming wedding shoot is going to be fun and challenging. I am so glad that we Yvette and Shane have asked us to do their wedding.

Finally, before I end this – thanks Seng, thanks for your referral!