Xanthe’s Infant Baptism

A friend of mine from work asked me to shoot her daughter’s baptism. I was thrilled to be asked as I had been wanting to shoot Xanthe for a while but never quite find the opportunity to do so. Xanthe was so adorable during the entire service, and I was pleasantly surprised how she was able to hold up so well throughout the baptism service albeit it was actually time for a nap for her.

I was happy to be able to capture some key moments during the baptism and here are some photos to share.

Xanthe Infant Baptism-010.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-009.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-008.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-007.jpg

Xanthe's Infant Baptism

Xanthe Infant Baptism-005.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-004.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-003.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-002.jpg

Xanthe Infant Baptism-001.jpg

Cate’s Christening

Baby Cate was recently baptised at a local church. The service was held specially for her Christening and baptism. I was there to capture the beautiful service and here are some of the images of that day:

Cate Infant Baptism - Family Portriat

Cate Infant Baptism - Mother and Daughter

Cate Infant Baptism - Father and daughter

Cate Infant Baptism - Sisters

Cate Infant Baptism - Baby Cate

Cate Infant Baptism - Baptism 1

Cate Infant Baptism - Baptism 2

Cate Infant Baptism - Baptism 3

It was a definitely a joy to witness this precious and happy occasion. My prayer for Cate is that she will grow up to be a fine young and beautiful lady. May the God bless her and her family always.

Baby Daniel – A bundle of joy – Newborn Portrait

My sister-in-law came to Perth two days ago and along with her on this trip is our latest addition to the family. Daniel is two weeks old and he is my precious little nephew, the first from my wife’s side of the family.

Daniel is a real bundle of joy not just to my sister-in-law, but also to us. It is a real blessing to be her uncle. Here are some photos of my little newborn nephew.

Baby Daniel - peaceful sleep

Baby Daniel sleeping peacefully while I took some portrait shots of him

Baby Daniel - Baby in a basket

A real bundle of joy comes in a small package. What is missing in the photo is a stork carrying the basket in its beak.

Baby Daniel

Baby Daniel - small little hand

Baby Daniel

Cute little bundle giving out a lazy yawn. What a sweetie.

Baby Connor Stevens – Newborn Portrait

Connor was only 13 weeks old when his parents contacted us and wanted us to do a newborn portrait of him. We were still in the winter period in Perth and thus it was quickly decided that the portrait session was best done at the comfort of his own house.

KC and I arrived at the Stevens home in the morning, and we were glad we were getting plenty of winter sunlight. Perfect for either an indoor or outdoor shoot. After a quick chat with the Stevens, we decided to stay indoor and use as much ambience lighting (with a little help from the ceiling lights).

It was a pleasant shoot as Connor was quite happy to let us shoot him for most of the time. Only when we decided to take him off his comfortable jumpsuit for some natural shoot that he started complaining – probably due to the cold winter air. A brilliant idea of placing a heater near him soon settled him.

Here are some of the photos we took of him that day…