Wedding – Rebecca and Loren – Meelup Beach, Dunsborough

They were so in love. There were many tears of joy throughout the whole day. Rebecca and Loren’s wedding day couldn’t have been more romantic and joyful.

Rebecca grew up in WA, Loren was from New Zealand. They found each other in Queensland and came back to WA for their wedding that was shared by the closest of friends and family. They held their wedding at the Meelup beach, arguably one of the most beautiful beach in the South West of Western Australia. The setting couldn’t have been more perfect.

It was a cool and breezy spring day, the sky did open up for a few showers. We did dashed for umbrellas a couple of times, but in turned up to be showers of blessings for all as the dramatic sky provided the best backdrops for photos.

Rebecca & Loren - Bride getting hair done
Rebecca & Loren - Bride Getting Ready
Rebecca & Loren - Getting dressed up
Rebecca & Loren - Bride and her mum
Rebecca & Loren - Beautiful Bride
Rebecca & Loren - Meelup Beach Ceremony

Rebecca & Loren - Ceremony
Rebecca & Loren - Wedding Ceremony
Rebecca & Loren - Congrats
Rebecca & Loren - With their dogs
Rebecca & Loren  - Beach Romance
Rebecca & Loren - Walking alone the Meelup beach
Rebecca & Loren - Romance at Seaside
Rebecca & Loren - Canal Rocks

Congratulations to Rebecca and Loren. Thank you for asking us to document your special day.

Wedding – Sarah & Paul

Sarah brought her beau fiancé, Paul, back to Perth in early spring this year to exchange vows in front of their family and their best friends at the Bicton Quarantine Park. Sarah and Paul, who now reside in Melbourne, wanted to escape the “dreadful” Melbourne weather to celebrate their union in the fair weather Perth. The day couldn’t be more perfect, with nice sun light and clouds to provide drama to the photos when needed. The day ended with Sarah and Paul celebrating their marriage with a drink at the Little Creatures Brewery before rejoining their families for a private dinner.

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Sarah & Paul's Wedding

Wedding – Tammy & Frank

Tammy and Frank exchanged vows in the grandiose church of the St Patrick’s Basilica in Fremantle. It was a day that was filled with lots of emotions, with lots of laughters and tears of joy.

After the ceremony, it was the formal session with the fun loving bridal party at Fremantle, and Minim Cove Park before heading to the Novotel Perth Langley hotel for the reception.

Little did I know that Frank’s father (and one of his uncles) actually knew my parents. What a small world!

Here are some of the images we documented that day…

Tammy and Frank's Wedding

Wedding – Angela and Jason

It was just two months ago when Angela and Jason exchanged their vows in front of their families and the best of friends at the picturesque Milbrook Winery. The day was bright and cheerful, right in the middle of August. It was a beautiful winter morning when the wedding ceremony took place.

Angela and Jason were totally in love. With their two boys at their side and a third soon coming, the radiant bride brought many smiles on everyone’s face, and naturally, Jason could not take his eyes off his beautiful and pregnant wife throughout the ceremony.

Angela&Jason's Wedding - Milbrook Winery

Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Ring and Kiss 2

Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Ring and Kiss

Angela&Jason's Wedding - Exchanging the ring

Angela&Jason's Wedding-Grandpa's red nose

Angela&Jason's Wedding- 1, 2, 3, Swing

Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Totally In Love

Angela&Jason's Wedding - picturesque location

Angela&Jason's Wedding-Kisses

Angela & Jason's Wedding

Angela&Jason's Wedding-012

Angela & Jason's Wedding - Happiness

Angela & Jason's Wedding -  Romance

Angela&Jason's Wedding - Kisses

Angela & Jason's Wedding - A quick kiss at the stairs

Angela&Jason's Wedding- The Wedding Cake

Angela and Jason, thank you for sharing your special day with us.

Thanks also to Charlene for assisting me that day.

Wedding – Laura and Elvis

It was raining quite a bit on Laura and Elvis’s big day. Amazingly as it was, the rain stopped just in time for Laura to leave home for the church. When we were travelling between locations, the rain would start pouring but stop in time when as we arrived. There is an old saying that rain on your wedding day is a lucky omen. The Italians even have a saying for it, “Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata”, which means that a wet bride is a lucky bride.

It also appears that this myth comes from several cultures mainly from the Hindu with the idea that a wet knot is harder to untie. Since marriage is often referred to as tying the knot. Rain was also a symbol of fertility to agricultural societies, since rain restored and maintained the wellness of crops. Crops were peoples main source of stability and income so it was thought to guarantee a long happy marriage!

While we did get some raindrops, we managed to stay dry and had some fun capturing awesome images.

Thank you Laura and El for sharing your special day with us. We did have heaps of fun and it was such a great joy to us to witness the love between you two and the love you shared with your family and friends.

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-The Wedding Dress
Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Getting Ready

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Bride Finishing touches

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Groom Getting ready

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Putting on the Corsage

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Bride's arrival

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Church Procession

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Walking down the aisle

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-027

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Bored page boy

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Bridesmaids' bouquets

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-021

Laura and Elvis's Wedding - Kiss the Bride

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Blessing from the priest

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Blessings from the family

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Mother of the Bride

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Walking out of the church

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-008

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Congratulating the bride

Laura and Elvis's Wedding- A Happy Groom

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-010

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-011

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-The Bridal Party

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-012

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-013
Laura and Elvis's Wedding- Romantic  Kiss

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-014

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Reception

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Wedding Cake

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-043

Laura and Elvis's Wedding-Bridal Waltz

Thanks also to Charlene for assisting me.

Wedding – Amanda and Kieran

Amanda and Kieran were married on a perfect autumn day in May. One couldn’t ask for a better day. With cool gentle autumn breeze caressing our cheeks, golden sunlight peeling through the trees, the wedding ceremony was held in the most beautiful setting at the Sunken Gardens in UWA.

It was also an extra special day for me, it was my birthday. What more could I ask for, doing something I was totally passionate about, documenting a special day for a special couple.

The day seemed to past too quickly, I suppose when we are having fun, time always seems to just fly past us at warp speed!

Thank you Amanda and Kieran for sharing such a fantastic day with me. Thanks also to Charlene for assisting me.

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Bride Prep

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding
Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Bride's arrival

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - UWA Undercroft

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Suken Garden

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding- Red Wall

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Formals at Famous Freo Wall

Not so Formal at Famous Freo Wall

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Bridal Toast

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding -  cake cutting

Wedding – Yanthe and Mark

It was a cool and breezy autumn day when Yanthe and Mark exchanged vows at the Sandalford Wines. It was an elegant and emotive ceremony shared with family and friends.

Formal portraits with the bridal party were taken at the Lancaster Wines. With the beautiful landscape and dramatic sky as the backdrop, and a fun loving group, we had such a great time and were most reluctant to head back to Sandalford for the reception.

Here are some of the images we captured on their special day….

Yanthe and Mark, thank you for choosing us to be part of your special day.

Ceremony: Sandalford Wines
Reception: Sandalford Wines
Assistant: Charlene of November Images (Thanks for the great work!)

Wedding – Ana and Adrian

Ana and Adrian exchanged vows in the beautiful setting of the Caversham House Gardens early this year. They day was shared with their families and the closest of friends, whom many of them flown from eastern states. Adrian and Ana met and fell in love in Sydney returned to Perth for the wedding and starting a family here in Perth.

The day was filled with pure romance. Everyone was able to see how in love the couple was.

Here are some of the images we took on their day…

Ana and Adrian - Album 1

Ana and Adrian - Album 2

Ana and Adrian - Album 3

Ana and Adrian - Album 4

Ana and Adrian - Album 5

Ana and Adrian - Album 6

Ana and Adrian - Album 7

Ana and Adrian - Album 8

Ana and Adrian - Album 9

Ana and Adrian - Album 10

Ana and Adrian, thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us.

Ceremony: Caversham House
Reception: Caversham House
Assisting Photographer: Charlene of November Images (a big thank you – love your gorgeous work!)

Wedding: Frances and Bradley

Everyone could tell that they were so madly in love. Bradley even admitted that he was emotional and almost shed a tear when he first saw Frances walking down the aisle in the chapel.

Frances and Bradley are some of the most brilliant minds that came out of Perth. They have chosen London to be their home and to pursue their dreams and careers. They returned to Perth to be married in the mist of their families and friends.

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Walking down the aisle

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Wedding Service

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Just Married

Frances & Bradley's Wedding-10

Frances & Bradley's Wedding-13

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - B&W Romance

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - At the front door

Frances & Bradley's Wedding -  Waltzing

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Dipping in traffic

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - The ladies

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - The Boys

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Silhouette

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Beach

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Reception Details

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Bride at Reception

Frances & Bradley's Wedding- Cutting the Cake

Frances and Brad, thank you for asking us to document your wedding and sharing such a wonderful day with us. You two are such beautiful people are we wish you all the success in your careers in London.

Wedding: Gloria and Damian

It was a hot, hot day when Gloria and Damian exchanged vows in Queens Gardens, but the sun had nothing on the couple pizzazz-wise. Gloria and maid of honour cum fashion director Liz kept the energy buzzing and creativity coming throughout the day.

The morning ceremony was followed by a formal portrait session in the city. Urged on by Liz, the couple was never out of ideas in creating romantic or fun poses for the camera.

A lunch time reception held at the Pony Club Restaurant brought the day to a crescendo. It was all about celebrating the union of the two love hearts with their closest of friends and family members. The day was completed when the bridal party headed to the Luxe bar at night for more celebration with friends.

Here are some of the images we captured on the day that we absolutely adore.

Gloria and Damian - Groom prep

Gloria and Damian - The boys

Gloria and Damian - Getting Ready

Gloria and Damian - Getting Ready

Gloria and Damian - Bride Portraits

Gloria and Damian - A future pianist?

Gloria and Damian - Page Boys and Girls

Gloria and Damian - Ceremony at Queens Gardens

Gloria and Damian - The beautiful Couple

Gloria and Damian - The Couple

Gloria and Damian - The fashion bride

Gloria and Damian - A proposal

Gloria and Damian

Gloria and Damian - Intimacy reflected

Gloria and Damian - Through a gap

Gloria and Damian - A romantic moment

Gloria and Damian - Dashing Groom, Hot Bride

Gloria and Damian - In the Wedding car

Gloria and Damian - Reception Details

Gloria and Damian - Yay, says the flower girl

Gloria and Damian - A moment of intimacy

Gloria and Damian - Celebration at Luxe Bar Red Room

Gloria and Damian - Red Room at Luxe Bar

Gloria and Damian, thank you for choosing us to document your special day. It was such an awesome day!

Ceremony: Queens Gardens, East Perth
Bride’s Dress: Lisa Ho
Reception: Pony Club Restaurant
Night Celebration: Luxe Bar
Flowers: Urban Flowers

Wedding: Lea and Todd’s Frangipani themed wedding

It was a pleasant Perth summer day when Lea and Todd exchanged vows at the Manners Hill Park in Peppermint Grove before heading to the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club for the reception. The weather forecast was for some light showers, but the rain did not eventuate and it turned out to be a pleasant day for the wedding.

If there was one element of Lea and Todd’s wedding that stood out for us, it was the clever use of frangipani throughout the day. There were frangipanis in her hair, in the bouquets, and all over the receiption venue, even on the cake. They were so subtle though, that we didn’t notice the motif straightaway.

Lea & Todd's Wedding - Frangipanis Theme

We’d put money on what her favourite flower is.

Here are a few photos we captured that day…

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Bride Prep Details

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Bride getting ready

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Bride Prep

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Fixing up the hair

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Bride Portrait

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Posing with the Surf Life Savers

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Bride & Car

Lea and Todd's Wedding -  Boat Sheds and Jetty

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Gals vs Boys

Some fun group shots of the bridal party.

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Romantic

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Romance

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Cake Cutting

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Bridal Waltz delight

Lea and Todd's Wedding - Dancing Queens

More of their beautiful photos can be seen in the slideshow below:

Lea and Todd’s Wedding from autumnleaf photography on Vimeo.

Lea and Todd, thank you for sharing your day with us.

Wedding – Ari and Shaun

They live in Broome and run the Divers Bell Bed and Breakfast, Ari and Shaun decided to come to Perth to celebrate their union with their family and closest of friends in a beautiful setting of the Yanchep National Park.

Here are some images captured on their special day in mid December last year:

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Bride's Details

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - B&G Portrait

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - The Bride

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Bride getting ready

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Bridal Cart

Ari arriving in style in a golf buggy

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Happy Newly Married

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Cute girl holding a bouquet

She is so adorable!

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Checking the diamond ring

Did we catch Ari checking the rock on her ring while she was suppose to kiss Shaun romantically for this shot? 🙂

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Romantic

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - The pensive bride

The reception was held inside the Cabaret Cave within the Yanchep National Park. What a magnificent location!

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Reception at the Cabaret Cave

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Reception Details

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - The Bridal Party

First dance, the bridal waltz…
Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Bridal Waltz

Ari & Shaun's Wedding - Bridal Walts Kiss

Here is a slideshow of the day:

Ari and Shaun’s Wedding from autumnleaf photography on Vimeo.

Ari and Shaun, thank you for asking us to document your day. We had so much fun and we love the location especially the cave!