Wedding – Amanda and Kieran

Amanda and Kieran were married on a perfect autumn day in May. One couldn’t ask for a better day. With cool gentle autumn breeze caressing our cheeks, golden sunlight peeling through the trees, the wedding ceremony was held in the most beautiful setting at the Sunken Gardens in UWA.

It was also an extra special day for me, it was my birthday. What more could I ask for, doing something I was totally passionate about, documenting a special day for a special couple.

The day seemed to past too quickly, I suppose when we are having fun, time always seems to just fly past us at warp speed!

Thank you Amanda and Kieran for sharing such a fantastic day with me. Thanks also to Charlene for assisting me.

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Bride Prep

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding
Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Bride's arrival

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - UWA Undercroft

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Suken Garden

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding- Red Wall

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Formals at Famous Freo Wall

Not so Formal at Famous Freo Wall

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding - Bridal Toast

Amanda and Kieran's Wedding -  cake cutting

Wedding: Frances and Bradley

Everyone could tell that they were so madly in love. Bradley even admitted that he was emotional and almost shed a tear when he first saw Frances walking down the aisle in the chapel.

Frances and Bradley are some of the most brilliant minds that came out of Perth. They have chosen London to be their home and to pursue their dreams and careers. They returned to Perth to be married in the mist of their families and friends.

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Walking down the aisle

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Wedding Service

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Just Married

Frances & Bradley's Wedding-10

Frances & Bradley's Wedding-13

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - B&W Romance

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - At the front door

Frances & Bradley's Wedding -  Waltzing

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Dipping in traffic

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - The ladies

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - The Boys

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Silhouette

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Beach

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Reception Details

Frances & Bradley's Wedding - Bride at Reception

Frances & Bradley's Wedding- Cutting the Cake

Frances and Brad, thank you for asking us to document your wedding and sharing such a wonderful day with us. You two are such beautiful people are we wish you all the success in your careers in London.

Wedding – Cassandra and Leon

Not all marriages are made in heaven, but it’s hard not to think so when your wedding is greeted by a day that could well be what it’s like. It was one of those when Cassandra and Leon got married. Sunny, warm, with a bit of a breeze, but not too much, with bees buzzing peacefully around the fountain in St George’s College, where the ceremony was held. A perfect summer’s day. A perfect wedding day.

Their ceremony was held in the beautiful chapel at the St George’s College ground. Bridal portraits were taken at both the college ground and University of Western Australia (UWA)across the road. The entire bridal party was up to the challenges we gave them as we filled the afternoon shoot with lots of laughters and fun.

A quick trip to the iconic Matilda Bay Boatshed for some photos was done before we headed down to Red Herring Restaurant in East Fremantle for the reception.

The evening was completed when Cassy and Leon performed their magnificent bridal waltz to the tune of “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. There were lots of “wows” and “oohs” as the newly wed couple put up some stunning dance moves and the guests were treated to a superbly choreographed routine.

Here are some of the highlights of their day…

Cassy & Leon - Bride Geting Ready

Cassy & Leon - Putting on the gown

Cassy & Leon - The Beautiful Bride

Cassy & Leon-6

Cassy & Leon - In the Chapel

Cassy & Leon - Saying "I do"

Cassy & Leon - Secret Garden

Cassy & Leon - The Couple

Cassy & Leon - The Bride's veil

Cassy & Leon - The Couple in B&W

Cassy & Leon - Traffic

Cassy & Leon - Dancing Bridal Party

Cassy & Leon - Matilda Boatshed Romance

Cassy & Leon - In the Car

Cassy & Leon-Bridal Waltz

Cassy & Leon-Bridal Waltz 2

Ceremony: St George’s College
Reception: Red Herring Restaurant

Cassy and Leon, thank you for choosing us to document your special day.

Wedding – Clare and Nic

Clare and Nic held their wedding ceremony in a beautiful garden setting at the Variety Pavilion in Kings Park. Their ceremony was witnessed by their families (with all of them flown in from overseas), their closest of friends and work colleagues. There were constant laughters and smiles all around. It was surely an emotional and memorable day for all who were there.

We proceeded to UWA after the ceremony for some quick portrait shoots with the couple before returning to Kings Park to rejoin the guests and friends.

Here are some images of their day…

Clare & Nic's Wedding - Chinese Custom collage

Clare & Nic's Wedding - The Beautiful Bride

Clare & Nic's Wedding - The Bride's Bouquet

Clare & Nic's Wedding - "I do"

Clare & Nic's Wedding - Hugs and Kisses

Clare & Nic's Wedding - Forest

Clare & Nic's Wedding - Forest Romance

Clare & Nic's Wedding - Stealing a kiss

Clare & Nic's Wedding - Elegance

Clare & Nic's Wedding

Clare & Nic's Wedding

Clare & Nic's Wedding - In a park

Wedding: Serene and Benny – a fabulous spring wedding in Perth

Serene is a long time good friend of mine. I got to know Serene when she came to Perth from Malaysia to study at University of Western Australia (UWA). We have known each other for more than 10 years. Wow, how time flies….

Benny is a good friend of my other friend, Peter. In fact Benny was Peter’s best man. I came to know Benny then as I was the wedding photographer for Peter. What a small world huh. I would never have dreamed that after 1 year and a half, Peter and Benny would swap roles. Benny became the groom while Peter, his best man, and I, still the wedding photographer.

The wedding was held on the first day of November, a beautiful day. The weather was perfect.

We started off early in the morning. Benny, Peter and another groomsman, Joseph started their day at Benny’s place getting prepared while I was with Serene doing some prep shoot.

Benny and his entourage of eager boys got ready before setting of to “pick up the bride”.
Serene and Benny's Wedding- Benny and his troops

It is a Chinese tradition for the groom to “fetch” the bride from her home to the place where the wedding ceremony is to be held. Fetching the bride was a non-trival process. Obstacles were placed by Serene’s sisters and girlfriends to stop the boys from entering the house until Benny and his troops passed a series of tests. This practice is also commonly called the “door crashing”.

Serene and Benny's Wedding - "Door Crashing" negotiation

Serene and Benny's Wedding - Door Crashing

(You can read more about the “Fetching the Bride” practice here.)

Serene and Benny's Wedding

Serene and Benny's Wedding-Getting to the bride

Serene and Benny's Wedding-1-12

Serene and Benny's Wedding-Putting on veil

Serene and Benny's Wedding - Tea Ceremony

Serene and Benny's Wedding-1-8

Serene and Benny's Wedding-1-9

Serene and Benny's Wedding- Romance

Serene and Benny's Wedding - Truly a Princess

Serene and Benny's Wedding-3

(You can view more photos by following this link.)

Congratulations to your both. You make such a wonderful pair. Thank you for asking me to be your wedding photographer. It was such a great pleasure to be part of your wedding.